"Revolutionizing Geospatial Integrations: Introducing Photogrammetry Processing on a GP Basis"

"Revolutionizing Geospatial Integrations: Introducing Photogrammetry Processing on a GP Basis"

   Are you tired of limited access to high-quality photogrammetry models? Cumbersome laptops at sales lunches or always needing a projector? Look no further than Geospatial Integrations' newest offering: photogrammetry processing on a GP (Giga Pixel) basis.

   And the best part? Our service utilizes one of the best photogrammetry engines on the market, Bentley Context Capture, to generate high-fidelity models of your desired area. These models are hosted on the revolutionary platform, Nira, allowing unlimited streaming and sharing without subscription fees on any device!

   With Nira, you can access your photogrammetry models at their highest resolution on any device with an internet connection. Our platform allows for easy measurement of models, annotation creation, and viewing of original photos. Plus, you can use other features to optimize your photogrammetry experience.

   But what exactly is photogrammetry? Photogrammetry is the science of obtaining geometric information from photographs. It's a highly effective way to capture the 3D geometry of an area that you can use in various industries, such as surveying, construction, and engineering.

   Our photogrammetry processing service takes this technology to the next level by offering high-quality models at an affordable, flat rate for 12 months of hosting and processing. You no longer need to worry about subscriptions or limitations on access to your photogrammetry models.

   And the best part? Our GP basis means that you can process and host models of any size, from small areas to large regions, without additional costs, making our service highly accessible to businesses of all sizes.

   GSI is committed to delivering our clients the best possible photogrammetry experience. Our latest offering is revolutionizing how photogrammetry is processed and hosted. Join us in embracing the future of geospatial technology.

   Visit us for more info at GSI3D.Com, and check out our model gallery. GSI3D.Nira.app/Gallery for our quality content.

   If you want to try Nira for yourself instead, use GSI3DRE at checkout for 5% savings!

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